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The plots of the evil scientist[]

by:Louise Wong

Hero The Mighty Cat Vol.1 is a 100 paged comic book written and drawn by Louise Wong

Characters:Hero, Rug, Evil scientist, Doom Dog(Octo Dog), Doom Dog 2, False Hero

The first book of Hero written and drawn by Louise Wong


Hero was just an ordinary cat with his owner Rug. They're neighbors with the evil Scientist, who just recently made a super power potion. The Evil scientist slipped while holding the super power potion container. He lost his grip and the potion fell into a milk truck that was about to deliver 2 bottles of milk to Hero's house. Hero found the flask of super power potion and drank it thinking that it was an ordinary bottle of milk..then....KABOOM!! A new Hero arrives......


(read Vol.1 to know more about the story)