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TORNADO DOG drawn by LouiseW

by: Louise Wong


Tornado Dog


Fur color White
Ear color Black

Tornado Power

Dragon summon

Status Active
Debut Tornado dog series
Special appearances Hero Vol.5


Tornado Dog is a mix of: Jack russel terrier, German Sheperd, and Blood Hound. He wears a light blue head wear with a drawing of a tornado on it, gold cuffs and a lightblue belt that has TD on it.


Tornado Dog is strong, mature, and playful but he doesn't react to things he has seen before. He's used to threatening word like: "I'll destroy you" or "This day is your last." He Threatens people who mess with him even if was an accident or not. Tornado Dog always wanted an owner but he's better off alone


Hero - Hero tries to teach him in being responsible by telling him to wash the dishes in Vol.5. Hero knows Tornado Dog wants an owner.


Tornado Dog series-

Tornado Dog's adventures. (read them if you wanna learn more)

Tornado dog and the zombie apocalypse-

Tornado dog Defeats the disaster 5 from reviving evil zombie pets.

Hero Vol.5-

Tornado Dog competes in the great games.

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