by: Louise Wong



Hero is an American Wirehair cat with orange fur. He wears a cape in superhreo mode but when he's with his owner he wears a red collar witha gold dog tag.


Hero is normal and mature when he's with his owner but when he's fighting crime he's playful and funny when he's infront of his enemies. He likes beating up his enemies and calling them names after they're beat up.


Rug- His extremely stupid owner who likes doing crazy stuff at his house with hero.

Tornado Dog - A character from Small Crew Comics but was introduced in Vol.5. He gets annoyed when Hero is Friendly and playful with him. He's jealous that Hero has an owner and he doesn't. He feels angry when he sees Hero wearing his collar.



Hero tries to stop the Evil scientist's plans in conquering the world


Hero faces off an evil cockroach who wants to take revenge against humans


Hero stops the evil team from causing catastrophes


Hero travels around the world to fight different monsters in different countries.

Vol. 5

(book not out yet)

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